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GLASS CANDLE SOY50 BM50 BT01-22108-1

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Product Code 250818167600
Size W6.2 x D6.2 x H6.5cm
Weight 0.19kg
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Assembly Type Assembled
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Package Size W6.2 x D6.2 x H6.5cm
Package Weight 0.19kg

● Uses 50% of naturally derived ingredients (soy wax)
* Vegetable oil made from soybeans
● Long burning time
● Soot does not come out easily

[Fragrance type]
Bergamot & musk

[Burning time]
Approximately 10 hours
* The burning time shown is a guide. There may be errors depending on the temperature and indoor environment.

[Size (approx.)]
Diameter 6×7 cm

Glass, fragrance, soy wax, paraffin wax, cork

[Handling precautions]
● Please remove the upper lid before use.
● Extinguish the flame every 2~3 hours. Also, always keep the length of the core at about 5 mm.
● In the unlikely event of abnormal combustion, do not rush and extinguish the fire by hanging a wet towel tightly wrung out over the flame. If you pour water directly on it, the wax will scatter violently, which is very dangerous.
● If the fire continues to hit one place of the container, it may cause damage.
● Light up on a horizontal, flat surface and use it.
● Since the bottom of the core is raised for safety, it may burn about 1 cm from the bottom.
● Do not touch the candle or container until the flame is extinguished and completely cooled.
● Do not use near flammable objects.
● Do not place near a heat source or in a place with high temperatures.
● Do not use if the container is cracked or chipped.
● Do not leave the place with the fire on.

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